stop hot flashes – sleep again – have energy – be in a good mood – want to have sex again – don’t feel alone anymore – loose access weight – know what you want


  • A personalized 1 on 1 nutrition and lifestyle assessment prior to the program starting.
  • A tailored to your needs “practitioner only” access to supplements that have been proven and tested to alleviate menopausal symptoms. This is where we develop your unique plan of attack to approach your goals and imbalances.
  • 8 group coaching calls to address the most important topics and emotions of the journey. This is a place to connect, explore and learn from not only me but also the other group members! (Calls are recorded as long as more than 1 person attends the session recordings are sent out post-call)
  • 8-week meal plan and shopping list
  • I will teach you CBT techniques that will not only help you with your hot flashes but also other issues in your life
  • Weekly nutritional literacy topic to help get a strong understanding of food.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to connect with me and your group.

You will have me as your personal guide, mentor, and cheerleader through the whole program. I will be there to answer your questions, support you, provide feedback, and give you the room you need to grow. This journey is about so much more than just getting through menopause, eating less and exercising more, it’s truly about finding yourself and stepping into your highest self in mind, body, and nutrition.

Week 1:

Step 1


Week 1
Magical YOU
Welcome to YOU! Get familiar with yourself again and build your road map to menopause. You learn about which tests you need and also do your menopause assessment. 
Week 2
Magical Foods
Understand the relationship between diet and hormones and learn about which foods you should add to your diet to balance your hormones and your mood and get your mojo and lose weight without dieting. 
Week 3 6 week cruising through the menopause boot camp 6 Week Cruising Through The Menopause Boot Camp week3
Week 3
Magical Supplements
Implement science-based supplements into your diet, tailored to your need to reduce menopausal symptoms and release happy hormones into your system naturally
Week 4
Magical Minds
Learn the best and most effective cognitive behavior techniques that have been shown to dramatically reduce menopause-related symptoms. 
Week 5 6 week cruising through the menopause boot camp 6 Week Cruising Through The Menopause Boot Camp week5
Week 5
Magical Sleep
Discover the secrets to sleeping peacefully like a baby.
Week 6
Magical Sex
This week is all about tantric intelligence on menopause. Learn tantric practices and tools to connect with the body’s inner intuitive wisdom and heart energies. Learn about  passion and pleasure to thrive both in the bedroom and beyond.
Week 7
Magical Environment
Discover how to future proof your body and learn about healthy aging and a low tox life. 
Week 8
Magical Transition Beyond Menopause
Create your personal action plan to leave your legacy and reclaim the new “YOU” together with your tribe. 






1 x Payment $ 997 (best value)


3 x Payment of $ 370
6 x Payment of $ 230



I help clients address ALL aspects of their menopause, hot flashes, sleep, anxiety, low energy, weight gain, low libido and feeling lost and lonely.

We get through the root cause of what exactly is causing the symptoms you experience. I walk you through my 7 step process and we will eliminate potential triggers that cause the symptoms that make you feel like your not yourself anymore.

  • Going forward you are going to make intentional decisions about how to stop the symptoms and feel like yourself again or even better.
  • You are going to be armed with the right tools like CBT, that are researched based to address the hot flashes, moods swings, fatigue and weight gain when they arise.
  • You will get the feeling back that you have control over your life, your body, mind, and your emotions again
  • You are able to lose excess weight naturally, whilst feeling nurtured and nourished and witness your libido coming back
  • You will know how you want “to do” during the next season in your life, feeling supported and nourished by me and your community

This is an amazing group experience where you gain all the benefits of working with a menopause mind-body nutrition expert weekly in a group setting!

It allows you to connect not only with me as your guide but also with others who are walking a similar path. The group walks through a structured week by week outline that incorporates natural solutions to any peri-menopause / menopause symptom, nutritional lesson, a weekly check-in, a live coaching call, as well as a private Facebook community.

You are so worth it! 


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Same as the above program but I will coach you individually and support you personally through the whole program. 

This journey is about so much more than stopping symptoms and eating less and exercising more.

It is truly about finding yourself and stepping into your highest self in mind, body, and nutrition.


1 x Payment of $ 1500 (best value) 

3 x Payment plan of $ 550
6 x Payment plan of $ 300


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Are you ready to get started but aren’t sure which program is for you? Book a complimentary consultation call with me. Please set aside 30 – 45 minutes for our consultation. I’ll help you choose a program that is the best fit for you, make sure we’re a good fit for each other, and make sure that I can meet all your needs and more.

Or is the 8-week commitment a little bit too much for you right now? Why not start with this amazing 14-day hormone detox and lose up to 8 pounds whilst kickstarting controlling your symptoms?

That’s why I designed this 14 day Hormone Detox program. It is an evidenced-based program that is guaranteed to move you in the right health direction. Can we fix decades of hormone issues and menopausal symptoms in 14 days? Unfortunately not, but you will certainly be putting all the right pieces together to support the balance and harmony of your key hormones.

Are you wanting to understand your body better? Do you want to know which foods you should eat to calm estrogen overdrive?

Coming Home Series.jpg


Detox and reset your hormones in 14 days and lose up to 8 pounds!  

 What you get:
14 Day Hormone Detox

 Your hormones reset and up to 8 pounds lost in 14 days
Your body detoxed and vitalized
Your energy doubled
You sleep better
You feel happier
You are less stressed

Program Inclusions:

  • A complete guided plan on how to reset your hormones naturally
  •  A list of tests that are optional to do (some you can do yourself – some your GP will have to do) if you like to find out what more in-depth what is going on in your body
  • Weekly pre-recorded session on how to reset your hormones and stop hot flashes
  • Weekly FB live coaching session where are all your questions will be answered
  • Recipes and tips
  • Inclusive small private FB group

Are you wondering what the full price for the 14-day program is?

The FULL price is ONLY — wait for it:

US $ 47

A no-brainer really! Isn’t it?  I kept it at this price because I know how hard it is to do this on your own. 

But there is more!

EXTRA BONUS for you!
 A thirty-minute online Yoga classes with me that will help your body to DETOX!

De-stress and condition your body  (valued at $ 40)

You can’t go wrong with this!

Love Susanne$