Thrive through Menopause

stop hot flashes – sleep again – have energy – be in a good mood – want to have sex again – don’t feel alone anymore – loose access weight

This is an amazing group experience where you gain all the benefits of working with a menopause mind-body nutrition expert weekly in a group setting! It allows you to connect not only with me as your guide but also with others who are walking a similar path. Every experience is valuable, and this setting allows us to learn from each other. The group walks through a structured week by week outline that incorporates natural solutions to any peri-menopause / menopause symptom, nutritional lesson, a weekly check-in, a live coaching call, as well as a private Facebook community.


  • A personalized 1 on 1 nutrition and lifestyle assessment prior to the program starting.
  • A tailored to your needs “practitioner only” access to supplements that have been proven and tested to alleviate menopausal symptoms.This is where we develop your unique plan of attack to approach your goals and imbalances.
  • 12 group coaching calls to address the most important topics and emotions of the journey. This is a place to connect, explore and learn from not only me but also the other group members! (Calls are recorded as long as more than 1 person attends the session recordings are sent out post-call)
  • Recipes to balance your hormones
  • Weekly nutritional literacy topic to help get a strong understanding of food.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to connect with me and your group.

You will have me as your personal guide, mentor, and cheerleader through the whole program. I will be there to answer your questions, support you, provide feedback, and give you the room you need to grow. This journey is about so much more than just getting through menopause, eating less and exercising more, it’s truly about finding yourself and stepping into your highest self in mind, body, and nutrition.

Week 1:

Understanding goals, breaking them down, and how to set them.


Setting an intention each and every week for success.

Mantras and Mindset:

How our mindset impacts our goals and mantras lay the foundation to receive our desires!

Coaching Call Topic:
Goal Setting/ Accountability/ Tools /Questions

Week 2:
Understanding supplements that help with hot flashes and other symptoms

Why we need them:
Learn about which supplements have been proven and tested for which menopausal symptoms, where the best sources are and why
Coaching call topic:
Filling your cup / de-stressing / self-care/ questions

Week 3:
Your body type de-mystified / Water / Hydration:
Understanding the importance of water and why we can’t lose weight unless we keep hydrated.
Other forms of hydration:
Learning about marketed hydration drinks and
natural options for hydration.
Coaching call topic:
Where does our perception of food come from/questions

Week 4:
Menopause – Cravings and the Sugar cycle:
How sugar impacts our cravings and ability to sustain healthy balance.
Coaching call topic:
Guilt and shame around food / questions

Week 5:
Meal Planning:
Get a full meal planning webinar on all of the tips and tricks on how to effectively create your own meal plan, choose healthy meals, and resources.

Special Access:
Access to meal planning templates and resources.
Coaching call topic:
Food history/ questions

Week 6:
Understanding portion control:
Learn how to manage your portions, eyeball your meals, and never overeat.
Understand why we overeat:
Why we eat for comfort and turn to food in times of high stress and emotion.
Coaching call topic:
bigger goals/stepping into full potential / questions

Week 7:
Digestive Health and menopause:
Learn all about digestion and the gut.
The gut brain connection:
Learn about the gut brain connection and how the digestive system is our second brain,
Understand digestive imbalances:
How to nourish the intestinal tract for optimal health.
Coaching call topic:
Deserving health / self-sabotage / questions

Week 8:
Mindfulness – Meditation –Self-Care
Understanding how to set yourself up for a fantastic day.
How you can implement stressing less:
How can you support our healthy habits, and enhance your life
Coaching call topic:
Stress triggers and how you can re-program yourself to be happier / questions

Week 9:
Nutrition labels:
Learn how to read them and why labels are important.
Coaching call topic:
How does food impact our body image / questions

Week 10:
Life Experiences:
Learn about the third age in life and how to have a meaningful happy content life
Our Own Past:
Understanding how our past has shaped our future
Coaching call topic:
How to sustain new habits and develop balance/questions

Week 11:


Learning what you can do to minimize your toxic load is key for you and your family.

Coaching Call

Kitchen environment
Food storage, cookware, filters, and cleaning supplies

Bathroom environment
Personal care including makeup and how to choose products that will not disrupt your hormones AND be effective.

Bedroom environment
Examine all aspects involving sleep and sleep habits. Understand the vicious cycle between the lack of sleep, food and hormone health.

Week 12:
Post Nutrition Assessment:
How to move forward and maintain your weight loss & lifestyle
Coaching call topic

Post assessment discussion / questions


1 x Payment $ 1495 (best value)

4 x Payment of $ 400
(withdrawn or invoiced monthly)
6 x Payment of $ 300
(withdrawn or invoiced monthly)



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Thrive through Menopause – Privat Coaching 

This unique 12-week program is designed to help you through meno-or perimenopause. Maybe you feel uncomfortable in a group setting and would like a more personalized uniquely designed program for our own individual body.

No two bodies are the same, and therefore no plan should be the same! We will look at your specific imbalances and symptoms and then together we create a plan to help you thrive through Menopause.

We focus on utilizing a combination of supplements, whole foods, education, and coaching to understand how food works with our bodies and how we can support our imbalances to create optimal health through menopause and peri-menopause, all while learning to reclaim our bodies and love the skin we are in.

Asking the body to change is a big task, so we will work week by week on understanding the barriers we build that stop us from reaching out goals.

This 3-month package is designed to support you through the ups and downs of your transitioning body. It encourages balance over restriction, good choices over shame, and learning to love the skin you are in through every phase of your life. Menopause can be truly freeing and transformational.


  • A Comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle assessment to address your unique needs and imbalances.
    This is where we develop a customized plan to target your goals in a sustainable way.
  • 12 1-hour coaching sessions.
  • Each session will focus on your unique needs and evolves as you do — so you won’t be stuck on a topic you are beyond or not ready for! (this is where all the good stuff happens).
  • Customized meal planning and recipes to support your changing body
  • 12 nutrition literacy topics delivered weekly to connect the dots between what is actually happening in your body
  • A safe, supportive, and non-judgmental place to explore all the things that come along with eating – the good the bad, the ups the downs.
  • Unlimited e-mail / text support and access to an emergency call if necessary, so you never feel high and dry!
  • You will have me as your personal guide, mentor, and cheerleader through the whole program. I will be there to answer your questions, support you, provide feedback, and give you the room you need to grow and thrive through menopause

This journey is about so much more than stopping symptoms and eating less and exercising more.

It is truly about finding yourself and stepping into your highest self in mind, body, and nutrition.


1 x Payment of $ 1999 (best value) 
4 x Payment plan of $ 525
(withdrawn or invoiced monthly)
6 x Payment plan of $ 400
(withdrawn or invoiced monthly)

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Are you ready to get started but aren’t sure which program is for you? Book a complimentary consultation call with me. Please set aside 30 – 45 minutes for our consultation. I’ll help you choose a program that is the best fit for you, make sure we’re a good fit for each other, and make sure that I can meet all your needs and more.