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This book reads like a fantastic real life novel – crime, mystery, love stories and even aliens. Find out how Your Inner Connectioncan bring you health, happiness, wisdom and abundance. The intriguing details about how Inner Connection can explain why you are here, who you are and why you are experiencing your Life the way you do.  Change your life for the better and find the new happy YOU.


Have you been searching for meaning in your life?

Would you like to be in complete control of your life and have a direct contact with your higher self?


For many of us, we can often search our entire lives for deep meaning and better understanding. It can be something that eludes us for many years, only to be found in something that we least expect.


You want to

  • understand your relationships to your family, partner, children and colleagues?
  • let go of old patterns and behaviors?
  • have a better chance of healing your body and mind?
  • know if there is a God / Higher Being / Universal Law that helps, hinders or is just mean?
  • know who you are?

Inner Connection will give you

  • a simple yet profound way to your inner guidance, the source of all there IS.
  • access to the tools to change what you want to change.
  • peace and understanding of what is going on for you and others.
  • real life stories of incredible transformation that might shock and bewilder yet fascinate you.

What is your story?

Change it now


Inner Connection



Chapter 1       What is “Inner Connection”? And why I wrote this book

Chapter 2       What is Inner Connection exactly?

Chapter 3       Inner Connection – One-ness – God

Chapter 4       Myth Busting

Myth 1 –Inner Connection is Mysterious – It is hypnosis

Myth 2 – It’s not possible to achieve “Inner Connection”

Myth  3 – What if there is an emergency during an Inner Connection session?

Myth 4 – You won’t tell me your darkest most embarrassing secrets – unless you choose to

Myth 5 – Can I get stuck in this deep relaxed state?

Myth 6 – Not a magical power

Myth 7 – Inner Connection Process is like Sleep

Myth 8 – Is Inner Connection good for you? Actually it is very good for you!

Myth 9 – I can’t achieve an Inner Connection deep relaxed state


Chapter 5       Are we in a state of hypnosis all day long?

Chapter 6       Lets unhypnotize ourselves!

Chapter 7       What can Inner Connection do for me?

Catharsis – healing your body, mind and spirit

Chapter 8       Why I had to come back and live with YOU (I don’t really like it or YOU)

Chapter 9       My partner is not spiritual

Chapter 10    Abused

Chapter 11    Control of what?

Chapter 12    I hate small spaces but I hate sex more

Chapter 13    You chopped my head off  – now you need to be nice to me

Chapter 14    What other Planet? Why am I here and who the hell am I?

Chapter 15    Where to from now and newest research into The Field

Chapter 16    My lessons learned and how my life changed – Natural Time

Chapter 17    We are all connected

Chapter 18    Susanne’s morning routine

Chapter 19    I am enough – and so are You

Chapter 20    The answers are within

Chapter 21    Listen to your Body

Chapter 22    Inner Connection Script



Chapter 1


What is “Inner Connection”?

And why I wrote this book


It was probably the fear of my own death that started a life long journey to make sense of my world and the world in general. But what really pushed me to travel to many countries, read thousands of books, speak to thousands of people and learn a variety of techniques, philosophies and religions (if one can even say it is possible to “try out” a religion) was my anxiety paired with curiosity to find out if there really was a  “beyond our world”. My search for the meaning of life had actually started early, when I was only 12 years old. You see, I grew up with my Grandparents Maria and Peter in a small town in Germany. I met my mother when I was 10 and found my father at the age of 12. A complicated family history that could one day be the material of a crime and romance novel prevented me and my brother from growing up with our parents.


My grandparents did their very best to raise me and my brother well, but unfortunately they were a little too old and the shame of what happened in the past in our little town must have been very hard on them. My grandfather Peter had worked for 30 years in a factory called Rasselstein, whilst my grandmother had always been the homemaker. My grandmother loved my brother Michael very much; I think he was the son for her that she never had. My grandparents where not blessed with children of their own, so they had adopted Maria’s sister’s baby when she was not able to look after her. Maybe I always reminded my grandmother of my mother, however she clearly preferred my brother and did everything for him. I loved my grandfather dearly. I would spend hours with him in our little garden just to be close to him, and I spent time with him whenever I could. He was very strict, never showed any emotions and the closest I ever got to him was when I would climb up behind him on the sofa and comb his white and very thin hair. He was a man of honour and pride and very few words. I really know very little about him. He was raised in an orphanage on and off because his parents couldn’t always afford to feed all their children. He was of Italian decent and had served in the war, gotten an iron cross medal and had been a prisoner of war in Russia. I don’t know what he had seen in his life, but he was the happiest when sitting in the garden looking at the night sky and smoking cigars. His birthday was the 2ndof November 1910, and he would always help anybody that needed his help.


On the 12thof December 1981 I went downstairs like every morning to get my bike from the cellar steps to ride to school. My grandfather sat at the breakfast table and I remember looking at him with such intensity that he looked up. I had the feeling that I needed to burn this picture of him into my eyes to never forget it. Of course I didn’t share my feelings with him, I just said goodbye and went on my way. Later that day he died of a heart attack! When I came back from school my auntie was there with my grandmother. They were crying as they told me what happened. He had been helping his sister empty her apartment and was carrying something heavy down the corridor when he grabbed his chest and collapsed. He died on the floor of that house. Weeks later I would sneak into this apartment house just to sit in the corridor, trying to sense him there.


But on this day when I got back from school I must have just gone into autopilot and shock. I heard what was going on, told everybody that I was going to walk the neighbour’s dog like every day and went into the fields behind our house.

There I stood yelling at God, asking him how he could be so unfair. Taunting him to strike me dead on the spot or show me a sign, any sign so that I could believe he truly existed. You see, I used to be a good catholic girl up until this day. I believed that if you were a good person nothing bad would happen to you and that God would look after you. Well, from this day on, I turned my back on God and condemned him.


After that, life went a bit wild for me, or maybe it’s more that I went a bit wild for some years. I was talking and hanging with the wrong crowd and doing the wrong things. The only person that had an influence on me at that time was my best friend’s mother Marita. She would try to talk to me, and when I started dabbling in séances she gave me a special pendant blessed by the monks at a nearby monastery at the Laacher See.  I ran away from home when I was 17 with a man twice my age who was running away from a prison stay to South Africa. Later, it turned out he had been a violent pimp in his past. I am sure now that I had Divine protection; I experienced the violence but he was too controlling to want to share me with anybody. In retrospect, I have to say I was incredibly naïve.


My escape was spectacular and miraculous. I was so lucky to get back to Germany alive. My experience made me more careful about my choice of company. I got back to Germany after one and a half years and found a few of my friends had gone down the drug track and one committed suicide shortly after. I was determined for my life to turn out differently. And determination is something I had plenty of, as well as a sense that there must be something more.


I worked at a law firm and continued my search, reading and learning for many years. I learned about Reiki, then the Dorn Method, the connection between the body’s symptoms and the state of our minds and how our thinking can affect our health. I studied Bach Flower Remedies at Dr. Bach’s house after moving to England, and learned about anatomy and physiology. I studied hypnosis, quantum healing hypnosis, mediumship, past life regression, counselling, transformative teachings, health coaching and co-facilitated Silva Method dynamic meditation seminars with my late husband. I tried to find peace by studying to become a mediation teacher and spiritual mentor. In my spiritual journey I followed Buddhism and then Paramhansa Yogananda’s teaching of Self-Realization.  I am back at a Christian church now and following my cultural roots, probably with a broader understanding of myself and the world. The pearl I found in all the things I studied was that through “Inner Connection” I could gain understanding and find not only the answers I was so desperately searching for, but also the Inner Peace and Connection to the Divine I had yearned for all my life. So, in short, this is why I wrote this book. I wanted to share my experience, but also the experiences my clients have had and how their lives changed through their “Inner Connection”.


The “Inner Connection” technique I developed helps you to gently connect with your Inner Being and your Source, whatever that may be for you. Clients that are religious have felt a strong connection to God. Some clients feel a connection to a spiritual leader or their own personal guide. Sometimes clients experience what I would call “outer universe experiences” of other planets or other beings. What someone experiences does not depend on their belief system. If you have an open mind, whatever needs to show up, will.


Inner Connection is a gentle process. I am mainly the guide that allows the client to go deeper and be more relaxed. It is not a hypnotic state of catalepsy, that’s for sure. Hypnotic catalepsy is a state where you lose contact with your environment. Which, by the way, is not what Hypnotherapists use at all. But that is beside the point. Inner Connection is more like a daydream. You are here in this reality, but you can recall and bring forth other information at the same time and connect deeply to yourself and your inner source. Nothing to be afraid off, we all do this during times of meditation or prayer, and sometimes when we just stare out the window and are not “fully in the here and now”. The technique just enables you to utilize this resource of relaxation in a productive and effective way to gain insights for you. With these “truths” you might find that your life changes, you might experience a certainty and direction that you had longed for, answers to your important life questions. Your relationships can be experienced with deeper understanding and on a far deeper level. You might feel that Inner Connection to your source, whatever that might be for you, God, Angels, Chi, the Universe. Lets delve a little deeper into what Inner Connection is.



Chapter 3


Inner Connection – One-ness – God


I have been searching for God all my life. I travelled wide and far only to discover that the answers to my questions could be found within me, or within anyone who is searching. See my other book about Inner Worlds for a glimpse into adventurous details on that exciting journey. And why not try one of the Inner World exercises for yourself and see where it takes you? I would love to hear about it. We are all children of the creator, the spark of God (or whatever you call Creation) is within in you, too.


“There is a field….. and I’ll meet you there.”

Sufi Poet, Rumi


All religious and spiritual traditions from all over the world, and every ancient scripture, reports in unison that we are part of all there is! This is incredible to think about.  We are all connected through a force field. This field connects us to one another, to everything that happens on our planets. It connects us to our bodies, the whole universe, and even further than we can grasp right now with our limited minds and thinking.


Western science has been trying to make sense of the universe by experimenting, with surprising results. Science has finally started to accept the ancient idea of this unity field that is the link to all of Creation. Stephen Hawking, in his book A Brief History of Time,even calls it the “Mind of God”; others call it a Quantum Hologram which means every particle represents the whole. Gregg Braden has traveled extensively and has brought ancient teachings into modern scientific context. Braden states that there is a field of energy that underlies all physical existence. To change something in the world or in one’s life, we have to learn to communicate with that electromagnetic field, which is what Inner Connection does for you.


This field we have been talking about reacts to the things we do and responds to our thoughts and feelings. As we have all already seen with our own eyes through the beautiful water pictures produced by Masuru Emoto, in his book “The Hidden Messages of Water”, thoughts and feelings have an immediate effect on our environment. If this is so, then we also not only have a tool that we can use to impact our own destiny in a positive way, but we also have a duty to make this world a better place.


This impact we have on the field allows us to participate in an active way in the events of our lives rather than feeling hopeless. When we watch the news and see war, violence and other acts of low vibrational living, we can be the counter weights with our feelings and prayers. Our prayers should always be feelings rather than a focus on what we want. Because if we focus on what the outcome would feel like, we attract a positive outcome aligned with universal laws. The same goes for when we see personal suffering or illness. Focus on the feeling of how this person would be if healed, or if that situation was resolved.


Scientists declare that this field is not only everywhere, all the time, but that it is an energy that has always been present and always will be. For some of my clients it is a “field”, some talk about “energy”, some about “unconditional love” and some call it “God”. Through “Inner Connection”, the client brings himself into alignment with his feelings, thoughts and expressions. It’s a kind of fine tuning that tunes out all the other white noise of our daily lives. The natural state of connection just happens when the resistance of the client has been addressed and he allows himself to just listen to his inner voice and through this, connect through the “field” or the “universal intelligence”.


This is why sometimes the client experiences healing on a very deep level during an “Inner Connection”. Also, if we desire a healing for someone else but we don’t expect it to really happen, we are incongruent with what we are asking for. But if we feel and think that our loved one is already healed, a series of processes in the body is set into motion. Firstly, our bodies react to our spiritual alignment with the universe. Our body becomes more alkaline and therefore our blood is less acidic. Hormones like the life-affirming hormone DHEA increases over 100 percent in our body in only six hours if we are in a state of universal appreciation and gratitude.

Emotions trigger processes within our body, and now we know that those processes have quantum effects that extend beyond our body into our families, communities, and into the society that surrounds us.


This also means that if we change, the world around us changes.


On a larger scale, we might be experiencing changes in our personal lives that are a reflection of changes that are going on in the Earth at large right now.


When we are fully aligned, so called “miracles” have the space to unfold. The Bible says in Matthew 17:20: “For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Wayne Dyer, who has been one of my most influential teachers over the years, said: “I see it when I believe it”!


The Quantum Field, or Universe – or whatever your name for it is – is a place of pure energy. The field is the place where everything begins, from the creation of the universe to our amazing physical bodies, deepest relationships and healing. Scientific evidence has been playing catch up now with what seems to have been ancient, sacred knowledge: that our world is a reflection of what we believe.  We have the power to create joy, to experience healing on deep physical and metaphysical levels in our bodies, souls and our outer world through an Inner Connection to our essence and the divine. The answers are inside of us!


Let’s now take a look at some common myths that we have subscribed to for so long.


Chapter 8




Why I had to come back and live with YOU

(I don’t really like it or YOU)


“There is greatness in doing something you hate

for the sake of someone you love.”



Relationships are a wondrous thing; they are what life is about! The relationship to ourselves plus the relationship to others is what makes or breaks our life; it defines if we have a happy or unhappy and sad life.


Ideally the relationship to ourselves is based on self-love and respect and we make healthy, life giving and life enforcing choices for who we want to be in this world, as a person honouring our needs, talents and gifts. The reality is often very different.


Often we live our life through the wounds and miscommunications we experienced as a child. We cooked up our own soup of ‘who we are’ and what we ‘deserve’ based on how we perceived and interpreted ourselves through others. How others treated us is often the measurement of how we treat ourselves. If the important others in our life didn’t teach us about self –love and respect to ourselves and others, it might take us many years to come to the realization that this is something we really deserve. And this is only the relationship to ourselves that needs tender nurturing and nourishing.


And then there is the relationship to others. Have you ever wondered how you, actually all of us, choose our partners? Let me introduce you to the “Imago theory” which means ‘image’ in Latin.


According to this theory we have a ‘perfect partner’image deep within our unconsciousness. This image is an accumulation of the feelings, sights, sounds and smells we gathered when we were growing up, based on “our primary caregivers”. Our parents and extended family, but also what we read and saw in books, movies or on the internet, formed our ‘Imago’. It’s like our own computer image, based on the combination of our genetics, our upbringing, and our developing personality. As children we absorb everything, the negatives and the positives, which means the Imago includes both. Finally, when we meet a potential partner that is close enough to this Imago, this internalized blueprint comes up and scans if they have enough of our “Imago’s” qualities. If that is so, we fall in love.


Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad thing at all. Here is your opportunity to deal with your childhood issues and wounds.  It is your opportunity to grow, to heal yourselves and your partner of your childhood wounds.


Now take a moment and imagine ‘Imago theory’ based on your personal childhood, paired with you as an  ‘infinite soul’ and your ‘past experiences’, however far back that might be. The choices you made in your past, the promises you kept or didn’t keep to partners, and resolved or unresolved issues from your past.


I call this

P + P =   F

which in Latin means

Praeteritum + Praesens = Futurum


Past + Presence = Future


This formula explains why we make the choices we make and choose the partners we choose, which brings me to Diana.


Diana is a lady in her fifties who has been married to Peter for over forty years. She raised two children who are married and have children of their own. Diana is a very spiritual and creative lady. I met her at a meditation class that she used to teach at her house. Her house is filled with art that she created herself; from paintings to tiles and pottery, to the most beautiful sacred garden I have ever seen.


I had been to her home for her meditation classes a few times and had met her husband Peter. It struck me how little they had in common, he was a down-to-earth tradesman that had his own playroom for his trains; and he spent hours, if not days, emerged in creating landscapes and model cities for his trains to pass through. Spirituality was something he made fun of, and when we would have a cup of tea after the meditation, he would quite often ask his wife when all these people would be leaving. Once he even brought the vacuum cleaner out and started to vacuum loudly around us, to Diana’s dismay, which I found very amusing. They didn’t seem to have anything in common at all. When Diana asked to visit me for an Inner Connection in regards to her relationship with her husband, I was very curious.




Why the client wanted to be regressed


Diana wanted to know what the past life ties to her husband were. She felt that she ‘had to’ be with him from the moment they met. Yes, she loved him, but not in the romantic way that she had hoped as a young girl she would be able to love someone. Meeting Peter had felt comfortable to her and she had no complaints about how he treated her. He had always loved and respected her and treated her well. There just wasn’t any passion and she felt an emptiness and sense of duty towards him that resulted in her resenting and not liking him a lot of the time.


Now that the children had children of their own and they were both close to retirement, she felt emptiness in their relationship. Her spiritual quest had become her quest in life and to find this fulfilment was what she filled her days with. Her husband must have been sensing this, because the more she was trying to pull away from him, the more he tried to pull her closer to him.

She felt like she was at a point in her life where she needed to decide what she would like to do with the rest of her life; and his constant nagging about her spirituality had gotten to her.


Regression Script


S = Susanne

D = Diana


Diana had a little bit of a difficult time regressing right back in time so I took her first to her residence, and from there we found a secret door in her garden. I instructed her to visualize a long corridor that contained rows of doors. Door after door, with different numbers above or on top of the door. They could have been year numbers or other numbers. Some doors were different in form and shape, made out of different material, but some were also very similar.


I also asked Diana to see if there was someone that would like to be with her as her spiritual guide in the garden, which turned out to be an old Buddhist monk that accompanied her now through the walk down the 1000 doors of the corridor. She was really happy that she had connected with her guide. She had felt him close by in her mediations before, but she was never able to communicate with him directly until now. I directed her to choose a door that appealed to her and that would provide her with the answers she desired for today. A big wooden door that looked oriental and ancient was the door she chose to walk through.


S: You can now see your feet, tell me what you see and describe it to me.


D: My feet are rough and I see dark skin. I wear something like sandals on my feet, made from camel leather and straps. I can’t see my legs because they are covered by something that looks like a skirt; it’s like a long dress. (she says with wonderment in her voice:)

I am a man!

I am wearing something that looks like a dress.


S: What is the dress made of and what else do you perceive around you?


D: It’s not a dress, it’s oriental and all men wear it here. The material is light coloured, the fabric is rough. It protects us from the sun, especially the heat. I am a strong young man; it feels good to be in my body.


S : Now go to the place where you live and tell me who is there with you.


D: It is not a fixed place. It is more like tents, made out of fabric that the women weave, and also skins. We never stay for long at the same place, we move again and again. We are nomads and I am part of a tribe. We move when the food gets sparse or when it is time to move.


S: How do you know when it is time to move?


D: The elders always know, they look at the stars and the planets and they tell us when the time to move on approaches. They are very wise and have lived for a long time. We listen to them about concerns about the people and concerns about the world.


S: Who are they? Men or women?


D: They are a group of men but also a wise woman that they ask for advice. There is an old woman, she lives in the desert, and she stays there all the time. I don’t know how she lives, but she seems to find us and come to us whenever there is trouble, and sits in the circle with the men. She is highly respected, but we also fear her.


S: Do you fear her?


D: Yes I do. I have only spoken to her once in my life. I was sitting at the bottom of the mountains one day when she approached me and sat down with me. She told me that it was important that I would keep my promises. And that I should choose carefully what I chose to promise. I didn’t know what she was talking about. There was nothing that I had promised to anybody. I was free, I was young, no promises to anybody, that was what I was about.


S: Go now forward in time to find a significant day in this life that is related to your question that you would like to have answered today.


D: I am going to ride away with a few other men. But before we can take off a girl runs towards me. I don’t want to talk to her, but I don’t have any other choice. The others smirk at me and laugh. I used to like her, but not that much. She is nice and I had enjoyed her body and her company but that was all there was to it. I don’t feel anything for her, she is nice and I like her and now I feel guilty. She has me cornered; she has me trapped and appeals to my honour. “You can’t just go off like that, not after all that has happened between us, not after what we have shared. Promise me that you come back to me…… you have to promise me that this wasn’t the last time we will see each other, and that you will be back for me and that we will be together forever when you come back!”


I looked at her and didn’t know what to say, so I said to her that I would be back for her and that I liked her and the we would be back together again. She looked deep into my eyes and made me repeat the promise once again. I rode off with my friends and never looked back.


S: Tell me how this is the answer you have to your question about your relationship with Peter now in this life.


D: Oh…. the girl, her name was Mara, is Peter now in this life. I had promised her that I would come back to her and that we would be together. I never came back to her in that life. I went off with my friends, we had many adventures in many lands and eventually I promised myself to a girl that was from a completely different race than mine. Once I rode away from Mara, I never even thought about her or the promise I had made to her. I never even looked back.

This is the reason why we had to be together in this life, because I had promised her and I had to keep this promise in this life! I was never that unhappy with Peter (who was Mara in our life together), but I was also never that completely happy. But I always knew I had to stay with him. It’s strange, but now I understand. I always felt obliged to be with him as if I didn’t have another choice. He is a good man; he always loved me and was there for me.


I know he is so different and it seems that we don’t have many things in common, but he is down to earth and he grounds me.


Lessons Learned


PACTA SUNT SERVANDA= agreements must be kept


The main lesson Diana had learned was, that she had decided to come back into this life to fulfil a promise she had made to Peter in a past life. She had always felt that she ‘had’ to be with him, that there was no choice.


Every thought we think – every act – has an impact and a consequence!

Even what we chose not to do makes an impact and changes ours and others’ lives.



Do parallel universes exist?


What happens to the other possibilities, you wonder? What would have happened if Diana had returned and kept her promise?


Some say that all our other lives and possibilities are lived out in an endless array of parallel universes.


There are various theories asserting that there are many different dimensions to the one we currently focus our attention on. For example, David Kellog Lewis calls this theory ‘modal realism’. He asserts that apart from our actual world, there are numerous other worlds in existence somewhere that possibly could have been.


William James first used the term ‘multiverse’in 1895. He described a meta-universe or multiverse that comprises everything that exists and can exist. These parallel universes include all space, time, matter and energy patterns.


This is what I have found with every case I’ve ever had. Quantum physicists have developed M-theory and String theory and I am sure we will be given more scientific evidence of what the masters of this world have been saying for thousands of years. Unfortunately, it is not within the scope of this book to delve deeper into the mysteries of parallel universes and whether they exist.  But in a nutshell, just know that


Nothing is ever lost and everything matters!


So be aware of your thoughts and deeds and your promises! You will keep yourself accountable for everything you say or do.



Resolve – Conclusion – How life changed


Diana left my office with a new perspective and had a lot to think about, but it was evident that she felt a tremendous relief. For the first time in her life she understood why she always felt compelled to be with Peter. Why she never felt that she actually had a say or a choice in the matter. Because of this she had always carried a slight resentment towards her husband. In many ways she had felt that as a ‘punishment’, although she could never explain why she felt this way.


Now she understood that she actually ‘chose’ to come back to be with him in this life. She had free will and she wanted to fulfil her promise and because of this, she had actually learned to love him deeply. Diana saw Peter now in a different light instead of being impatient and intolerant of his quiet and simple way of being.


They had a conversation about this session that lasted over weeks, and Peter was very open and listened to what Diana had to say. They both opened up and Peter confessed that he had been anxious all his life that Diana would leave him one day. He felt, therefore, that he had held back all his life, that he never fully and completely let Diana into his heart and never trusted that this relationship was meant to last.  He opened up about his feelings and learned to share his fears. She told him that she would never leave him, and stayed with him because she felt love for him and not obligation.


They were both very excited about their past life in the desert and shared that they always had felt a pull towards there. Their usual holidays up to this point had always been conventional family holidays to popular tourist resorts.


Now they discovered a new passion together. Diana and Peter went on a long holiday together, exploring ancient sites of their past lives and discovered a trust, beauty and depth in their relationship that brought them both peace and a sense of deep fulfilment.


Peter still was not into all the spiritual stuff that Diana was, but because they communicated with each other in a very different way now, Diana discovered that Peter had a natural way of meditation. When he would build his miniature cities he was in a state of peacefulness and connection to himself that had taken Diane years of meditation practice to reach.


They discovered that Peter could naturally see Auras and energies and thought that this was normal for everybody. He became more tolerant and understood that his wife needed to have other people in her life to be happy, whilst he was happiest when he was on his own or with her. He stopped vacuuming around us after meditation group, and it was beautiful to see that they had established a deep understanding and respect for each other’s needs. Their bonds of love had grown together with the trust that they would be there for each other until their dying days. As they got on in years it also gave them comfort to know that life is infinite and that they would always find each other and see each other again.



I hope that you enjoyed these chapters and they give you a taste of “what all is possible” for your life too.

I know for sure that life is so much more adn can it be for you too. Are you ready – is the question?


If you like to have a chat with me about how we could work together and what that would look like, don’t hesitate to book your free 30 minute discovery call with me here or buy the full book here Stop Chasing Shadows

Love Susanne