The How Not To Die Cookbook: Over 100 Recipes to Help Prevent and Reverse Disease Hardcover –


Dr Michael Greger reveals the foods that will help you live longer. (Daily Mail on How Not To Die)

Brims with valuable insights . . . Vegetarian or not [How Not To Die] is a great way to improve your diet. (Financial Times on How Not To Die)

Dr Michael Greger presents the groundbreaking science on how simple plant-based food choices help us live healthier and happier lives. (Brian Wendel, Founder and President of Forks Over Knives on How Not To Die)

A new way of looking at nutrition and health. Michael Greger shows people how to save their own lives. (Rip Esselstyn, author of The Engine 2 Diet on How Not To Die )

Empowering, groundbreaking, transformative work. (Kathy Freston, author of Quantum Wellness and The Lean on How Not To Die)

Michael Greger, MD, scours the world’s scholarly literature on nutrition for the most interesting, groundbreaking and practical new research. His work at and in How Not To Die features the latest science on nutrition and health to show how to treat and prevent disease. (Joel Furhman, author of Eat to Live on How Not To Die)

Not only does Dr Michael Greger drop a metric f*ckton of evidence that a plant-based diet will save your damn life, he lays out the blueprint to make it happen. (Thug Kitchen on How Not To Die)

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From the author of the international bestseller How Not To Die comes The How Not To Die Cookbook – a lavish, beautifully illustrated cookbook full of delicious recipes based on the groundbreaking nutritional science of the original book.

Dr Michael Greger, founder of the wildly popular website NutritionFacts, takes his comprehensive, lifesaving science into the kitchen. Why suffer from disease and ill health when the right food is proven to keep you healthy, and without the side effects of drugs? We can avoid heart disease, cancer and our other biggest killers if we use food as medicine, and the How Not To Die Cookbook offers a sustainable and delicious guide to preparing and eating the foods that will prevent and reverse fatal diseases.

Featuring over 100 easy-to-follow, beautifully photographed plant-based recipes, with plenty of recipes suitable for vegetarians and vegans, the How Not To Die Cookbook merges cutting-edge science with everyday ingredients from the supermarket to help you and your family eat your way to better health and a longer life.


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