MenoQUICK Menopause Test – 2 Test Cassettes


Menopause is an important and significant phase for every woman that signifies a new stage of life. Menopause can bring about a number of hormonal and physical changes that are often accompanied by numerous unpleasant side effects and complaints. If a woman is aware of the changes in her body during this period, she can be informed about symptoms and appropriate treatment, and enjoy her exciting new stage of life without discomfort. Therefore it is crucial to determine the beginning of menopause. MenoQUICK allows a woman to shed light on her hormonal condition and determine if she has reached menopause so that she can embrace the new phase awaiting her. MenoQUICK is a menopause test kit that detects a surge in FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) which indicates the onset of menopause with an accuracy of 99%.

Box Contains

2x test cassettes, 2x urine cups, 2x pipettes, 2x bags with desiccant, 1x instructions leaflet

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  • Convenient: Easy application at home
  • Safe: Reliable results
  • Hygienic handling: Includes urine cup for each test day
  • Fast: Max. 10 minutes per test day
  • Dependable: 2 tests per package


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