Maca Root Capsules 2500mg by Nu U, 180 Capsules (6 Month’s Supply)


Nu U Maca Root – Double Strength – Advanced Formula

Our vegetarian capsules contain 2,500mg Maca Root (10:1 extract) twice the amount of most brands.

Maca Root is a superfood that is rich in vitamin B vitamins, C, and E. It also delivers plenty of calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, amino acids and phosphorous.

Why Buy Nu U Nutrition Maca Root

* 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – No questions asked, feel better or your money back

* ADVANCED DOUBLE STRENGTH FORMULA – 2,500mg of Maca Root (from high strength 10:1 extract) our product delivers twice the benefit of other brands. Don’t settle for weak formulas!

* 6 MONTH SUPPLY – Amazing value, so simple no need to reorder for a full SIX months. DOUBLE the capsules of other brands!

* UK PRODUCED – Produced to the highest standard of manufacturing in the world.

Buy Product

  • ✔ MAXIMUM POTENCY TWICE THE STRENGTH WITH 2,500 mg – Twice the strength of other brands. Our premium Maca Root is SUITABLE for vegetarians and with 180 Capsules DOUBLE the count of other brands.
  • ✔ SIX MONTHS FULL SUPPLY – Our incredible 180 capsules pack gives amazing VALUE with up to 6 months’ supply of our easy to swallow capsules
  • ✔ TOTAL PEACE OF MIND WITH OUR UK PRODUCED SUPPLEMENT. Many Maca Root supplements are imported from other countries, from Asia to the US. Ours are made RIGHT HERE in the UK so you are safeguarded by the highest standards in the world. It’s also SUITABLE for vegetarians.
  • ✔ RICH IN VITAMINS – Maca Root is rich in vitamins B, C and E and is a source of calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium.


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