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What I do and why:

I coach women that are going through menopause or peri-menopause how to manage their symptoms naturally through a mind, body, spirited approach. I help them to create their next exciting phase in life, to stress, less, weigh less and love their body’s and life more!

Their children have now their own life’s and these amazing women have finally the time to cultivate their Inner and Outer Life! I teach them to how to nourish their bodies, often they drop extra baggage (kilo wise and emotionally)  that might have crept up, teach them mindfulness and find a new satisfying zest for life that they never thought was possible.

They never again have to ask: “Am I meant for more”?

Inner Connection Coaching accesses our innermost potential and source of knowledge, enabling us to clearly see our past and create our desired future.



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Short Bio:

Susanne McAllister is an Author Health and Wellness Coach, Yoga, Nia and  Mindfulness Teacher, Speaker and Psychotherapist that is passionate about helping women, that have always put others first to transform their lives to stress less, weigh less and love their body’s more. She especially helps women to stop hot flashes and get their energy and zest for life back.  Susanne has been published in a variety of holistic health magazines. Her newest book, “Stop Chasing Shadows – With The Power of Inner Connection and Live an Abundant and Meaningful Life”, looks at ways you can improve relationships and find peace and contentment in life.

In her spare time, Susanne teaches Yoga and Nia, a mind, body, spirited movement and can also be found singing her heart out, performing at Oktoberfests in Australia.

Long Bio:

Susanne McAllister is a Health and Wellness Coach, Mentor and Author, who once learned about cold therapy and sat in an ice bath whilst training with Wim Hof the Iceman.

She is also a qualified Yoga, Nia, and  Mindfulness Teacher, Speaker and Psychotherapist.

Born in Germany, Susanne often got in trouble for asking too many questions, or the ‘wrong’ questions. She was inquisitive, read every book she could get her hands on and always wanted to know “why”.

She has lived in several countries around the world but has settled to work and live between Queensland, Australia, and Ireland. Susanne holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Counselling, a Master’s Degree of Arts in Transformative Teachings and a Diploma as a Spiritual Mentor and Meditation Teacher. She is also a qualified Yoga Instructor. 

Susanne has worked for 15 years as a Counsellor, Wellness Coach, Mentor, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She also has a passion for working with groups and individuals on fitness, dance, and nutrition and has published the following books –

  • Reiki and more for kids
  • Enter your 7 Inner Worlds meditation
  • Why is your business killing you?
  • Stop Chasing Shadows with the power of Inner Connection

Susanne has a large social media following and does regular videos and webinars.

She speaks at networking events and conferences like the Conscious Life Festival and gives workshops at Yoga Fest in Queensland on a regular basis.

Here are some of her past presentation and workshop topics:

  • Easy wellness hacks for busy entrepreneurs that prevent you from burning out
  • Opening your new chapter and be excited about life after 40
  • How to ease up on yourself and create a healthier, happier you
  • Why diets don’t work and what does
  • How to improve your mood with food
  • 12 easy ways to stress less

Her topics are about health and wellness and how to improve relationships and find peace and contentment.

In the future, Susanne hopes to continue traveling the world, find communities to connect with, teach her Inner Connection process to as many people as possible and have fun while doing so!

In her spare time, Susanne teaches and dances Nia, sings as a German Beer Chick at Oktoberfest, reads and loves spending time with her two grown-up daughters and partner Jason.

Sample interview topics:

  1. What the power of Inner Connection is and how it can help you.
  2. What is the talk about mystery, aliens, abuse etc. that is mentioned in my book
  3. How you can use your past to define your future instead of being defined by your future.
  4. How happiness is only possible when our mind, body and spiritual connection is in balance.
  5. How you can change your life starting with 10 mins every day.
  6. How you can use the Power of Inner Connection / Mindfulness to help with anxiety
  7. My daily life as a health and wellness coach and how I helped myself through trauma and heartache

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