7 reasons that might convince you that Menopause is not all bad but a little magical instead

Often, we and society view Menopause at the beginning of the end. It is hardly ever seen as a magical, special and positive event in our life. Let me share my 7 reasons that might convince you that Menopause is not all that bad. But we shall start with the “not so good”. You might feel that your vagina dries up into a prune, your body serves you with the “menopausal spread”around your waste, you get hot flashes that feel like you have been momentarily dipped into the liquid magma in the centre of a volcano, you might be super emotional in all directions of the emotional spectrum and might even develop odd symptoms like a burning tongue or itching all over your body.

And if all that isn’t enough there is also the fact that with perimenopause and menopause comes the “empty nest” syndrome for so many of us. All of a sudden (how does that happen so fast?) the kids have grown up and have left the nest or are still there but independent young adults. We are not needed anymore; their friends or partners take that first place in their world and where does that leave us? We are not involved in their schools anymore, which is another loss of community and familiarity for us. 

Doesn’t sound magical so far now, does it? 

There is also our partnership to consider. We might have lost our partners to illness, like in my case or look at our partner very differently these days. Not occupied anymore with kids’ activities our conversations could only circle around the daily tasks of living together and working and not have that intimate spark that we long for. 

Talking about intimacy, well you guessed it: “your ageing body with funny symptoms plus weight gain and emotions all over the place” might me feel like a passion killer to you too. That is, if you have a partner or are looking for one. And that partner is probably going through something similar to you, the mano-pause or his own midlife crisis. 

The last time your body went through such dramatic changes (not pregnancy induced) was when you were a teenager.  Remember how you felt then? Well, it is a little bit like this and when you come out at the other end a new season in your life is ready to start. 

When I work with my clients we look at all areas of their life and fears and often with menopause comes the fear of ageing and all the scary things that come with that too. Ageing has been turned into something undesirable by the media and we have to hold on to our youth with everything that we have. I see ageing as privilege, as something to be grateful for because many people never ever make it to 50 and don’t get that chance to struggle with these things at all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all roses and happiness for me either and I have been known to sit in my bed with a big glass of red wine not wanting speak to anyone at my birthday, sulking at the unfairness of fleeting times and where that year had gone already!

I hope you hope that this doom and gloom will get better and it does:

The magic in menopause for me and you can be: 

  • It is time to focus back on YOU! What is it that you always liked and always wanted to do with your life? Find that spark in yourself again and just go for it!
  • Your body can be vital and beautiful and sexy into your old age! But now is the time to actually learn and figure out what makes your body and mind feel good with the right nutrition, supplements and movement that makes you happy! 
  • By now you could have the confidence and experience to know what you like in BED and ask for it and make it happen. And if not, it’s time to get some help with that and figure it out! I have been studying tantra for 5 years now and this is a totally different approach to intimacy. In our western world we figure out how to get the other person to climax quickest and best. And if we are lucky they probably do the same for us but let me tell you, so MUCH more is possible for you in this respect. This new way of intimacy was a revelation to me for sure and I wouldn’t want to be without it in my life. I teach my clients about a new way of intimacy in my programs, which is really about finding a new sensuality for yourself that goes way beyond the bedroom.
  • Finally, you can let go of “what other people think about you”! How magical is that? You Can and you should! What they think about you is not your concern but what you “THINK about YOU” is very much your concern! Time to tame that “Inner Critique” through mindfulness and self-compassion” and gain a new appreciative perspective for yourself. 
  • Figuring out what your life purpose is and what legacy you want to leave is one of the most humbling and rewarding projects you can ever undertake! For many of my clients and friends this has changed their life’s in big and small ways and brought a sense of peace and purpose into their life’s.
  • Also magical and very good news. Most pesky menopausal symptoms can be controlled naturally with your fork, your mind and the right supplements! What a big relief this is! You are fine tuning your body now and learning it’s needs! I feel your body is asking for you to pay attention to every hot flash and every symptom because it is giving you a message just for you! Time to learn to listen and maybe finally fall in love with your body, even though it might not look like that of a 20-year-old model on the cover of vogue. 
  • We women are meant to go through these changes “together” and not isolated with nobody to really talk to. Women’s connections are “magical” for sure! In my own Natural Menopause Support Facebook Groupare hundreds of women from all over the world that help each other and support each other through this. Come and join us and connect. Human connections are the most magical magic of all. 

I am not saying it’s a piece of cake but I am saying that it can be a magical menopause and a new way to a life of doing what you love with whom you love and feeling good inside and out! And that is just magical. 


Susanne McAllister


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