Detox and slow down for menopause

2018 is nearly over and I seriously feel like I need a Detox and to Slow the f.. down!

I used to never swear or cuss but during the last couple of years, the f… word has been on my lips. Maybe it’s a phase that comes with menopause, who knows. 

As I reflect on my year, I know a lot more about things that I don’t want to manifest in 2019 for myself! 

What about you?

Here is my list of “Not anymore’s”:

  • Spend my time and energy convincing someone of my point or that I am right (my energy is too valuable I decided)
  • Care about what other people think (hmm I hope that works)
  • Compare myself to other people and their life and feel I am never good enough
  • Put myself last!!!! (oh yes! Watch this space)

Instead, I will:

  • Spend time in nature and just BE
  • Detoxify my body to get my energy back
  • Not compromise on not doing my “golden hour” every morning (I will share my morning ritual in another blog soon)
  • Do Yoga, Nia or walk every day
  • Write every day because I love it
  • Grieve when I need to grieve because of “empty nest” syndrome 
  • Plan a weekend away every month (not luxury but visiting friends or even in a tent)

What about you? Do you put yourself often last? Do you wish things will be different in 2019? Have you overindulged or the holidays and feeling like you need a detox? Do you feel you want to connect to more positive and like-minded people in 2019?
What are your goals? What do they look like? 

I am a big fan of vision boards. Here is a free app if you would like to have a go at it

Every year I write down the things I don’t want to take into my new year then I burn that paper. Then I write all the things I want to have in the New year and I keep these goals and visions in my handbag or my bathroom cabinet. This means that your subconscious can get busy creating the life you really want to have. 

You might have seen my fundraising campaign to raise $ 15000 to build a well for a community through the This is something I am so passionate about and I find it important to share what we have and try to leave the world a better place.

To start our group Menopause support group has been one of my highlights this year. The women that have joined and shared and supported each other have inspired me to no end.

I wish you a happy New Year 

Lots of love


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