Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition Versus Hormone Replacement Therapy

There are many ways to treat menopause and premenopausal symptoms. Some women will be encouraged by their doctor to begin taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT). My personal opinion is to try every other natural avenue possible to prevent using HRT. If at all hormone replacement therapy, it should be bioidentical hormones that are compounded just for your individual needs and not a general product.

HRT is a form of treatment where estrogen and possibly progesterone are given to control the most common symptoms and signs of menopause, including hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, vaginal dryness, insomnia, and urinary tract symptoms.

Risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Research has indicated that some people are at an increased risk of heart disease and breast cancer if they take hormones such as estrogen or progesterone. 

The research is based on many different studies but the biggest one was the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) that published results indicating that hormone replacement therapy increased heart disease risks. 

Overall, evidence shows that there is an increase in breast cancer risk when taking HRT, but this risk is smaller if it is used in the short term. 

Until recently HRT was thought to prevent heart disease but recent research has cast doubt on whether HRT has any effect on either the primary or secondary prevention of heart disease. The WHI study found a 29 per cent increased risk of coronary heart disease in those taking combined HRT. 

If you choose to take hormone replacement therapy, you should reevaluate its need every six months or so with your doctor. I would recommend and integrative Doctor and also working with a health coach and naturopath. At some point, the hot flashes will be in control and you may decide it isn’t worth the risk of taking this type of medication. 

There are many pieces to the menopausal puzzle and your general wellness. When working with clients I have found that we need to address EVERYTHING, not just a symptom! My approach is holistic and that is the only way that guarantees a whole body and life transformation.  Balancing your Hormones, checking your thyroid, optimizing your diet according to YOUR body type, using supplements that are also tailored just for you, finding movement that brings Joy to your body, detoxing your body and your environment. And last but not least, creating and shaping your next season in your life that makes you content and secure and excited! 

Let’s have a look at a couple of these:

Dietary Control Over Menopausal Symptoms

There are dietary measures you can undertake in order to lessen the hot flashes and control the other symptoms of menopause.  

Dietary control over menopausal symptoms involves eating a healthy diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains. This is also a diet that avoids eating processed foods as well as foods that are high in trans fats. 

These foods can adversely affect your cholesterol levels and can cause you to have an increased risk of heart disease.  

Foods that are high in phytoestrogens may also be able to help you control your menopausal symptoms. Phytoestrogens are plant-based foods that have substances in them that mimic the estrogen in your body. 

Phytoestrogens can be found in foods like fermented organic soy, like natto, miso or tempeh. Soy foods that is not fermented like soy milk and tofu is not a good option. Phytoestrogens are also in Flaxseeds, Oats, lentils, sesame seeds, yams, alfalfa, apples, carrots, Clary sage oil, licorice oil. 

They may be able to control your symptoms without having to take anything else for hot flashes but are generally not too helpful if you have severe hot flashes or other severe side effects of menopause. Supplementation during menopause is something that I highly recommend and all of my clients receive tailored supplementation plans, which makes all the difference for them. 

Exercise for Menopausal Symptoms

Good aerobic exercise can reduce the symptoms of menopause quite effectively. The type of exercise you want to engage in is called aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise involves doing things like swimming, Nia Technique dancing, jogging, cycling, or brisk walking. You can actually do any type of exercise that gets your heart rate going and increases your respiratory rate. 

Things like golf and tennis can be counted as being aerobic activities you can do to decrease hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.

Try to exercise about thirty minutes on most days of the week. Some of the exercise can be anaerobic exercise as well. Yoga is my favorite anaerobic exercise but also lifting weights would be really good.  I have a great morning routine doing Yoga every morning, meditation and setting my goals for the day. 

Lifting weights about twice a week in order to keep your muscles and bones strong and to increase your muscle to fat ratio is a good idea. This increases your metabolic rate so that you can lose weight without really trying because muscle burns more calories than fat.  

Ideally, you should do both exercise and dietary measures if you want to reduce your risk of having menopausal symptoms. They will keep your weight down and will help reduce your risk of heart disease at the same time.  

However, if you are highly stressed you need to be aware that “over- exercising” would be the worst thing to do. Stick to Nia Dance, Yoga and Walking to move your body and not over exert yourself. It’s important to calm your body and nervous system to balance your stress hormones. 

I am offering my first group program (which starts on the 5thof November), it runs for 12 weeks and the transformation that can be achieved for your life and your body is just incredible. We will address hot flashes, mood swings and you can lose 10 kilos without starving yourself. We will go through the holidays together and support each other in 2019 so that this can be the best year ever! Menopause is the chance to look deeply into your life after and make your happiness a priority. Because when you Love your Body, you will love your life!

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