Why haven’t you done IT yet?

Why haven’t you done IT yet?

It’s already the end of June, once again the year seems to be rushing by like a steam train. I have been thinking this concept for many years now actually and there really is some truth to this, it’s called Schumann resonance.

The Schumann Resonance is named after German Physicist Professor Winfried Otto Schumann, who calculated in 1954, that the resonance with an overall global frequency was 7.83Hz per second. Research has shown that this “pulse of the earth” has slowly accelerated to the point where it is now over 12 cycles per second.

What this means is, we perceive our 24 hours now to more like 16 hours. This makes complete sense to me because I can literally feel it in my body. I am not the only one witnessing statements like “time is flying past”, “where has time gone” etc.

It seems that we are all in a hurry to catch up with that “lost time”. I am sure by now, you are probably thinking that there is no chance to catch up with the earth’s increasing resonance… and you are very right.

So, what can you do?

Let’s take stock of the things that my clients wanted most this year:

  • To finally lose the weight they have been putting on and haven’t managed to lose yet despite KNOWING what they SHOULD be doing
  • To feel happy in their bodies
  • To feel less lonely and more connected
  • To know what they are supposed to be doing within the next phase of their life

Most of my clients are women who have kids that are in high school or older, they’ve done a fantastic job raising them and running around after them, have worked hard on their careers or business and have a bunch of girlfriends that are either in the same boat or very similar to them. Some had to go through a divorce, some have lost their partners and others have been single for many years.

What they all want to do to, is finally make peace with their bodies. And that was me too, until I started to teach the Nia Technique and learned to love my body, just the way it is. Looking back at photos, I really don’t understand how I managed to criticize myself and find something wrong with me when I actually looked very attractive at my young age! Of course, I can’t go back in time and change that, but sometimes I wish I could. I would tell my 18-year-old self that I am beautiful and to enjoy every second of my life without constantly comparing myself to others.

How different would my life have been! But at least now at nearly 50, I love my body, every single part of it. I am so proud of myself and I can truly say “I love myself” and believe it! Not that’s not in a narcotic way!

So, let’s, get back to your health and life goals this year. What has stopped you? And please, say it quietly to yourself, Yes or No, in your mind as you read the questions:

  1. Have you been using excuses this year like: “I don’t have time to …exercise/meditate/prepare healthy meals …..?”
  2. “I KNOW what I need to do………”(but you haven’t done it – despite the knowledge)
  3. “I don’t even know where to start”
  4. “I am waiting for for…. Monday” (always Mondays, the holidays, to find a workout partner, to have less to do at work, when the kids need me less etc.)
  5. “I COULD if I wanted to ………… (lose weight or figure out why I feel so emotionally up and down all the time, or eat when I am lonely…) but this is not a priority right now” (hmm but does that not mean that YOU are not your own priority right now?)

If you have used any of these excuses, make yourself a cup of tea and ask yourself honestly, if you want to keep using them. If the answer is Yes, then it’s not your time for the change. Fair enough, but take responsibility for your “non-actions” instead of feeling bad and using excuses.

If you want to stop using excuses, then sit down now, make yourself another cup of tea and figure out what it is that you NEED!

Here are some suggestions:

  • A program that you can stick too with support from someone that really gets YOU
  • A coach or therapist that keeps you accountable, on track and helps you to figure out what is really going on for you
  • A talk with someone that is close to you to support you. Admitting that you need some help and support is the first step to your success
  • Your “WHY!“Write down your motivation behind your health goals

(for example, My “why” behind meditating every day, is that my day really flows so much better when I do it! – my “why” behind losing 10 kilos is that I want to climb a big mountain in Sri Lanka next year and my knees have been really dodgy, so they deserve some love etc.)

Whatever it is that you need, you do deserve to be happy and healthy! This is yourlife and you are the main person! I am sure you have heard the saying: “you can only give when your cup too is full.” It’s time to fill up your cup to the brim!

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