Getting older is inevitable (plus it’s a blessing) Aging is Optional

I am sure you heard this one before, or something similar but what does it actually mean to your life?

Yes, if we are lucky we grow older (just think of the ones that never make it there) but behaving like an old woman is another matter entirely.

Aging is a choice because you can have the choice to finally:

Step into your own power a feminine force, not caring so much anymore about expectations that have kept you small and afraid to upset someone!


If you have kids or even step kids, they will be making their own way in life soon or already have set out into the world.

‘Now it’s time for YOU! Finally!

It’s your time to figure out what you really NEED and give it to yourself!

Your body, mind, and spirit won’t function well and toxic foods, jobs, environments and toxic people! You can be courageous now and finally be you are truly meant to be!

If your not sure what is possible then look at some woman over 50 that are truly amazing:

Louise Hay started Hay House when she was over 40 and continued to have an incredible and colorful life until she was 90! Look at Oprah, isn’t she get better and better with age? Debbie Rosas, the founder of the Nia Technique is just incredible and moves and lives from power, wisdom, and sensuality.

They know how to say “NO” to things that nourish and nurture them and “YES” to what does.

I aspire to age like these women and so many more that I admire. There are many things you can do to support yourself, the most important ones being sleep, food, and movement, apart from self-love and healthy relationships! I will take about these next time for lets focus today on

Improving your Sleep

  • Get enough sun exposure with as much skin exposure (without burning, of course, the best time being around midday – If your shadow is longer than you are tall, you’re not making much Vitamin D)
  • Take a Vitamin D supplement (about 2,000 to 5,000 IUs/day) to keep your vitamin D in the optimal range of 60 to 90 ng/mL (the optimal range for sleep and achieving a healthy weight).

Detox your Body with Vegetables

Up your Vegetable intake to a 1 pound a day! I am not kidding, this has made a huge difference in my life for sure! I love Veggies with every meal and I can really feel my energy levels rising after I eat. With this approach, you are turning your nutrigenomic pathways on! Veggies make your skin glow too so a winner all-round here for you!


As you know, I don’t like the word “exercise” it’s something that sounds like I “have to do” (don’t like that) and something that doesn’t sound like fun at all. And movement should be all about the fun, our bodies are designed to want to move! Movement makes them happy! Find the movement that makes you happy and stick to it!

You need a mix of moderate daily movement like:

Nia Dance, Walks, Yoga, Tai Chi, Jogging, Some resistance training like weights, or a strength building class


Some energy bursts of “high-intensity interval training” like sprinting and then walking and then sprinting again! 15-30  mins maybe up to 4 days a week will do!

Nothing too crazy because you want to avoid putting too much stress on your body by raising the wear-and-tear hormone cortisol.

Could it be my hormones?

As we grow older we produce less testosterone which in turn leads to more fat deposits at the breasts, hips, and buttocks. We also produce less estrogen which may weaken your bones and your sex drive, may trigger hair loss and heart disease. Unfortunately, your thyroid gland also slows down and, along with it, your metabolism! This means that you are prone to the so-called “middle age spread putting on a  few pounds per year (or even per month). The side effect of this is also that you get cold more easily.

Your cells become increasingly insensitive to the hormone insulin, which in turn results in your rising blood sugar in the morning. And as you might have guessed, when your blood sugar level is out of whack, you might have brain fog and crazy cravings for carbs and sugary food that are hard to control.

Our gut health also plays a major role in the aging process. When our microbes in our gut are out of balance they make more enzymes such as beta-glucuronidase, which raises bad estrogens and lowers your protective estrogens. When you then have too much negative stress in your lift that raises corticotropin-releasing factor you might end up with holes in your gut. This then brings food intolerances, more stress, and lower vagal tone, an indicator that your nervous system is out of whack. Also, high stress can lead to malabsorption of the nutrients you to eat.

That all doesn’t sound like the positive aging I spoke about above but don’t despair yet.

You Can do a lot about this, with the right food, sleep, movement! You might also need a hormone reset/detox that resets your hormones and detoxifies your system. It’s like pressing the reset button and then deciding what it is that really makes your body and soul happy. With the right approach, you can reverse many hormone problems associated with aging.

If you feel that a hormone reset is for you, please reach out and talk to me. You deserve to be the healthiest, happiest and fittest version of yourself and to live life to the fullest!

Or check out this link for some more info on the hormone reset

Next week I talk about how you can help your body from the “outside – in”!

Have a great week

Love Susanne












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