Release menopausal symptoms, weight, and emotions naturally so that you can feel like yourself again!

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My top tips to help with hot flashes – weight gain – foggy brain – emotional ups and downs and insomnia to that you can feel like yourself again

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If you are like me, you are in that time of your life where the kids are grown and might have moved out already, you have more time for yourself, you are reconnecting with your spouse or partner, or are getting over a divorce or even a heartbreaking loss.

And just when you don’t want or need it Menopauses comes around with all it’s bothersome and disruptive symptoms that can come with it.

And, you are not a fan of hormone replacement therapy or taking medications. You want natural and holistic ways to fight hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, and weight gain. Right?

I so get IT! I am with you!!

Get Your Symptoms Under Control

My program does work from the inside out! Everything you put into your body affects everything about how you FEEL, both emotionally and physically.

A holistic approach is the only way to truly feel Whole and in control again. When you feel better, you will make healthier decisions — and those decisions can restore joy, confidence, and balance in your life.


What We Can Do Together

I am not about a “quick fix” or a “diet”. What I offer is change — how to change the eating habits that you may have had for your entire life.  Many symptoms can be controlled, and often even eliminated, by changing what you eat and adding the right supplements tailored for you.

You can use menopause as a step forward into your RIGHT body and your RIGHT life!

But change does not come quickly and easily — it takes your commitment to see results. I will be with you all along the way cheering you on!

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Join me on a journey to healthier decisions and feeling better because of it!

~ Susanne

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You are solely responsible for your health care and activity choices. Participation in this challenge does not constitute a client-coach relationship.

Get my FREE ebook "How to combat menopausal symptoms naturally and gain your cool back"

Top tips to help today with hot flashes - weight gain - foggy brain - emotional ups and downs and insomnia.

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